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MIT Fuse - 3-week mini accelerator during IAP (January)

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Testing your MVP and Finding Product/Market Fit

Validating hypotheses via MVP Testing

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Primary Market Research

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Interview techniques

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Turning a consulting business to a product business


Board of Director Considerations

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Founders' Decisions

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Basics of Finance (i.e. managing money)

Getting started with your financial scoreboard

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Getting started

Hiring your first lawyer

Company formation / incorporation

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Founder's Agreement

Everything about stock and stock options

Intellectual Property Protection

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Immigration Law

Employee or Subcontractor?

Marketing and Sales

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Resources for learning about industry sectors at MIT

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Social entrepreneurship

Product Design

General Product Design Guidelines

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Design for hardware products

Product Development

Managing Software Development

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Hardware Development

Software Development

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Working with a product design firm

Request for Proposals (RFP) / Request for Quotes (RFQ)

Planning projects

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Product Management

Defining a product

Secondary Market Research on the cheap

Business Model and Pricing


Determining your Business Model

Hardware Business Models

SaaS business models

TAM (Total Addressable Market)

Determining Pricing

Scaling - Manufacturing

Common manufacturing processes

Design for Manufacturing / Assembly (DFM/A)

Sourcing Components

Final assembly

Lead times

Offshoring, Reshoring, Rightshoring

Scaling - Process and Infrastructure

Customer service

Scaling your team

Raising money - equity based

Fund raising - overview

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Raising an angel or seed round

Convertible notes and safe notes

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Pitching to investors

Managing your investors

Raising money - crowdfunding


Raising money - Grants, prizes and accelerators

Introduction to SBIR / STTR

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Phase 1 and Phase 2 SBIR / STTR Awards

Eligibility for SBIR / STTR grants

Applying for an SBIR or STTR grant

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Writing a great SBIR proposal


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