What do we need to know about the Team section in the SBIR proposal?

The team section is the one area where an SBIR proposal differs from common wisdom when it comes to building a startup team and / or pitching to institutional investors. Normally, we are looking for a well balance team with a hacker, a hustler and a hipster at minimum - we are looking for diversity.

For SBIR grants... they are looking for a team with the strongest technical chops to fulfill the requirements of the project. Business chops are of course important, but they view that as something that is important for the long term. 

Therefore, when composing the team section, make sure the key team members are chosen for their technical chops. If there is a gap in some area of expertise that is needed for the project to succeed, you will need to fill that gap by adding an expert as a consultant or some such.

The bottom line is, the team needs to have all the technical skill set to execute the engineering research and development activities. Solve for that.

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