What are some real life B2B SaaS pricing models?

Following are a few examples of real life SaaS business models. Current as of 2017-10.

One price:

As of 2017-10: OnShape.com, a mechanical CAD competitor to Solidworks, charges $125/user/m


Onshape competes head to head with Solidworks, which is a desktop app costing $3995. This ratio is not uncommon - subscription version will end up costing more money than the installed app if you keep it for 2.5 years - but in that time frame the installed app will have gone obsolete.

If you add in subscription for Solidworks upgrades in the $1200 range, you will end up saving money the first 3 years you use it. 

That's one way to help customers who are used to one kind of pricing transition to another kind of pricing. "your software would be obsolete by the time you end up paying more via subscription anyways - and you get instant upgrades and you don't have to worry about maintenance in the cloud! What a GREAT deal!"

Metered by user count: Atlassian Jira cloud

As of 2017-10: Atlassian Jira Cloud pricing is metered by user count with floor. They used to do ranges, now it’s metered by user.


  • <10 users: $10/m flat. This is a nomimal fee. Self service
  • 10-100: $7/user/m
  • 100-2000: Sliding scale that goes down for cost per user per month with increasing user count
  •  2000+: Call them 

Metered by user count with volume discount as well as discount for longer term subscriptions with upsell option for additional module:

As of 2017-10: Gerber Technology's YuniquePLM Cloud has the following pricing model. 


  • 3 months: 1-10 - $126; 11-50 - $112
  • 6 months: 1-10 - $121; 11-50 - $106
  • 12 months: 1-10 - $116; 11-50 - $101
  • Not clear what the upsell option costs

Pricing tiers based on functionality:

No scaling by user count, but different pricing tier based on functionality / modules:


  • Starter: $25/user/m
  • Professional $75/user/m
  • Enterprise (“Most popular”) $150/user/m
  • Unlimited $300/user/m
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