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The tech startup scene has a bro culture problem. Bro culture celebrates young men at the expense of everyone else. Everybody agrees that this is a bad idea, and yet the problem exists. This 2017 New York Times op-ed takes a scathing look at bro-co's led by C-E-Bros, and how they can flame out, with cautionary tales from Quirky, Zenefits, and Uber.

Read the entire article to enjoy quotable quotes like the following, and more.

"The bro C.E.O. does what you’d expect an immature young man to do when you give him lots of money and surround him with fawning admirers — he creates a culture built on reckless spending and excessive partying, where bad behavior is not just tolerated but even encouraged."

"Bro cos. become corporate frat houses, where employees are chosen like pledges, based on “culture fit.” 

"Bro C.E.O.s are better at raising money than making money."

"Toxic workplace culture and rotten financial performance go hand-in-hand."



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