Can I attend entrepreneurship classes as a listener?

For each entrepreneurship and innovation class offered at MIT, the instructor decides whether listener status is supported.   Check out the course descriptions here to see if the class you are interested in accepts listeners. 

In many cases with project based classes, listeners are not accepted. The reason is that entrepreneurship is a team sport, and several of our classes (including 6.933, 15.390, 15.378/3781) use team projects as the primary mechanism for instruction.  Listeners who are not directly working with a team will not be able to work through the material on their own, and the value to the listener himself/herself is reduced. 

There are always classes that touch on areas of entrepreneurship that are based on individual learning, and will accept listeners.  In some cases instructors will also make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.  If you are really interested in a class, we encourage you to get in touch with the faculty and/or TA for that class. You can look up instructors and TAs on Stellar, MIT's course management system.



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