Are there any hackathons at MIT?


  • HackMIT is MIT's biggest undergraduate hackathon. 
  • MIT Hacking Medicine has grown to be a major organizer of hackathons and other events focused on the medical field.  They organize multiple events a year both on- and off-campus. Click here for upcoming events.
  • MakeMIT is a hardware hackathon promoting innovation that is geared towards those who are excited and passionate about designing and building. 
  • EnergyHacks is focused on challenges on energy and sustainability.  This event is hosted by the MIT Energy Club. During this weekend long event, teams of participants will be able to tackle real-world challenges in energy and sustainability sector with the guidance of field experts from companies like Schlumberger, OPower, First Fuel, McKinsey, and more.
  • HackingArts is part hackathon, part festival, fostering community and celebrating innovation in the creative industries: Design, Fashion, Film/Video, Gaming, Music, Performing Arts, Virtual/Augmented Reality and Visual Arts.

To learn more: Check out the list of organizations at for details. Orbit is the one-stop-shop for MIT student entrepreneurs.

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