How do I network with MIT alumni?

Many founders working on enterprise B2B applications often find it difficult to find the right contacts to network with in large companies - their network often don't have the right people who can make a warm introduction to someone in the right business unit and right role in a big company. 

For MIT students and alumni, there is an amazing resource that most people don't take enough advantage of: The MIT alumni directory.  This resource is searchable not only by the name of the alumni, but also by the company name.  Simply log into the MIT alumni association's Infinite Connection, and find the name of the company you want to network into. You will find all the alumni whose records show that they work for this company. 

As a general rule of thumb MIT alumni are much more likely to respond to an inquiry by an MIT student or affiliate than someone who does not share any other connection (i.e. a true cold call).  If you reach out, do make sure you use your MIT email - that will improve the probability of getting a response.

Good luck and happy networking!

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