What to focus on to develop a winning culture?

Take-aways from a talk in the Trust Center on 6/16/16

  1. Build a superstar team – “Personal ability is important but dependability is critical”
  • The 5E’s of successful teams: Energy, effort, enthusiasm, emotion, execution.
  • Do not change your team’s identity, goals, standards.
  • Always have a vision, a plan, execution, patience.
  1. Focus on the process, not the result
  • The outcome takes care of itself when you are not fixated on results.  Focus on:
    • Committing to preparation: align team on visions and goals.
    • Embracing (not just accepting) the process: it requires effort and  grit.
    • Trusting the team’s performance - “train it and trust it”: find a rhythm that works for your team and trust them to perform.
  • “Always focus on next play” – every setback is a setup for a comeback.
  1. Aspire for the best
  • Make the impossible possible: Set an ambitious vision that people want to be part of.
  • Be humble and ask for help.
  1. Empower others
  • Be compassionate with your employees - You owe it to them and to the team to be honest, give guidance, and sometimes let go when there’s not a good fit.
  • Your team’s success empowers and creates value to your surroundings - investors, community.. Always try to enable better communication, ownership and opportunities for others.
  • Value talent and recognize game changers - some team members will leave to pursue their own dreams and you should recognize and encourage these talents.
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