How to effectively sell your product?

Take-aways from a talk in the Trust Center 7/14/16

Sales – art or practice?

  • Sales skills can be learned!
  • Sales skills are some kind of an art but there is practice, discipline and strategic thinking behind it. Everything you design needs to be thought through. For example:
    • Should you use channel sales vs direct?
    • Should you consolidate or keep your sales forces separate when acquiring another company/ being acquired?
    • How many of sales reps should you hire?
    • What is the compensation structure?
    • How do you provide feedback, manage productivity?
  • Strategic sales decisions will affect your product, your relationships with the customers, with your investors and many more…


Sales fundamentals

  1.       Attitude, enthusiasm & goals
  • Sales are all based on personal relationships - are you accessible? Are you listening? Do you ask questions to learn about your customers? Do they feel like you care?
  1.       Product knowledge - you really need to know your product in order to sell it well.
  2.       Selling tactics & strategies - can be learned and practiced.


Always ask yourself: what is the benefit for my customer?

  • Decisions are made by humans, so you should learn - what motivates your target customers? Who helps/ influences their decision? What makes them feel good?
  • Be an active listener and ask questions! the more you ask, the more your customer feels they’re in control and the more information you get.
  • In complex sales, or B2B, there is a lot of permeation work required. Take the time to learn about the organization structure, the decision making units
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